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The Hotels will be booked only after all Guests have signed the Letter of Agreement, sent it back to iTourSrilankawith a copy of Guest’s passport. Each quotation will be valid only for 30 days from the moment the quotation has been sent, or for any deadline mentioned in the quotation.


Price quoted is in prevailing market rates only. Should there be any variation of any existing laws, Tax, any regulations and Hotel rates during the contractual period, it will be adjusted in the final invoice and must be paid before the buyer will depart from Sri Lanka.Unless otherwise specified, all quotes refer to standard rooms. If the tours are quoted in USD, the amount displayed in Euro in the quotation is for your information only and is based on the daily exchange rate, which may vary depending on the day of payment. In the case of payment in several installments, the daily exchange of the time of payment will prevail. Obvious errors and mistakes (including misprints) are not binding. All special offers and promotions are marked as such. The contracts with the Hotels forbid iTourSrilanka to offer the hotels outside of packages.


The reservation will be considered as confirmed only once (i) you have filled in the letter of agreement with the signature/s of all participants and email to iTourSrilanka together with the scanned copy of the letter of agreement, terms and conditions, copy/s of the passport holder’s information page (where the signature and the relevant information are clearly visible) The Letter of agreement should be signed by all participants personally


It is not necessary to make the payment in advance to iTourSrilanka for your booking. You are free to cancel your booking at any time, but we request you to do the cancellation at least 10-15 days before the day of arrival. The payment for the tour should be made to our representative on the first day of arrival.


In a case of an overbooking, the Hotel/s will be responsible to relocate the travelers to an alternative accommodation of the same standard, same area or other. iTourSrilanka cannot be held responsible and liable for the overbooking and for the quality and the standard of the hotel/soffered. In an instance of overbooking, iTourSrilanka will try their level best to make sure, the client gets the best for the money spent, without any disappointment.


You will be responsible for any breakages, losses or damage caused by you or a member of your party during your stay in the accommodation. It is your responsibility to put right the damage or to make full payment to the supplier before departure and to indemnify us against any losses, damages or claims made against us.


You are responsible for compliance with all relevant regulations governing your stay during your holiday. If in the opinion of our suppliers/service providers and/or guide representative your behavior is disruptive or causing distress, injury or danger to other clients, our staff or any other third party, your holiday may be terminated without any refund, and we shall not be responsible for any costs or claims that are incurred.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you and other members of your party obtain the right inoculations and medical advice before you travel. Similarly, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and other members of your party have correct and valid passports, visas and have conformed to all other requirements pertaining to your travel arrangements before the holiday commences. We will not be held responsible for you travelling without the correct travel documents.


When your booking is confirmed with us, a contract between iTourSrilanka and / or you is constituted. That contract and these Booking Terms and Conditions shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Sri Lanka.


We would wish to resolve amicably any reasonable complaint that we receive relating to your travel or accommodation arrangements. However, you must try to resolve any complaint that you have with the provider of the service (i.e. the accommodation owner or individual service provider) immediately, while keeping the iTourSrilanka representative and travel counselor who handled your booking informed of all such complaints as and when they arise. If your complaint cannot be resolved locally, you must follow this up by writing a formal complaint via email to harsha@itoursrilanka.comwithin 10 days from the date of departure, with all other relevant information. If you fail to follow this simple procedure, we cannot hold the responsibility as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the matter.


Parents are responsible and liable for children under 18 years old and are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and the limited liability in this document on their behalf. Parents will be requested to provide either the birth certificate or an affidavit from a lawyer/notary public. If the minors will be travelling without parents, the Guardian will be requested to provide a letter from the parents (certified by a lawyer/notary public), passport of parents and birth certificate of minors.


All information provided by you should be true and accurate. We will treat it confidentially and not forward it to any third party. The Letter of agreement must be signed by all participants personally.


iTourSrilanka, under no circumstances, recommends or guarantees the value or the quality of any additional product not clearly itemized on the Travel itinerary which may be purchased during an itinerary arranged in part or whole by iTourSrilanka, even in the case where the product may have been discussed between a client and an employee or representative of iTourSrilanka. Determining the value of a product is entirely the client’s responsibility. iTourSrilanka has no duty to intervene in such circumstances and cannot be held responsible for subsequent complaints.


iTourSrilanka acts solely in the capacity of an agent to organise tours, attractions, hotel reservations and accommodations, restaurants, meals and services, sightseeing tours and transportation of whatever nature, and cannot be held liable (on the basis of breach of contract, breach of warranty or tort or howsoever arising) for any matter arising out of or in connection with this Letter of Agreement for (i) indirect or consequential loss or damage, (ii) injury, death, property damage, delay or inconvenience (iii) loss of profit, loss of production, loss of contract, loss of or damage of reputation, loss of claim, loss of business, loss of goodwill or revenue, pure economic loss, (iv) any punitive or special losses or (v) any other indirect or consequential loss of whatsoever nature; whether or not reasonably foreseeable, actual or prospective, reasonably contemplated or actually contemplated howsoever caused and irrespective of any fault of negligence, any inaccuracy relating to the (descriptive) information (including rates). iTourSrilanka shall not be liable for costs suffered, incurred or paid by you, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (gross) negligence, wilful misconduct, omissions, non-performance, misrepresentations, tort or strict liability by or (wholly or partly) attributable to the accommodation or any of our other business partners (including any of their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives or affiliated companies) whose products or service are (directly or indirectly) made available, offered or promoted by iTourSrilanka.


These terms and conditions are subject to the Laws of Sri Lanka.