Sigiriya Rock

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Located in the cultural triangle, Sigiriya lion rock fortress is one of the must-visit attractions in Sri Lanka that leaves travellers around the world speechless. The fortress is on a 660 feet tall column of rock and was built by King Kashyapa (477 – 495 CE). The citadel was built to resist any attack from his brother who was the legit heir to the throne.
With gardens, water parks, fountains, pavilions and massive stone constructions, Sigiriya is known to be the 8th wonder of the world. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, Sigiriya fortress has remnants that showcase the incredible construction and irrigation technology of the kingdom that has left even the modern engineers speechless.
Climb along the narrow stair to view the summit at the top that will offer you a mind-blowing scenery of the surrounding landscapes. The hundreds of steps that will make you feel your calves will all be worth it at the end as soon as you witness this scenery at the top. Along the way to the top, pass the mirror wall and the beautiful Sigiriya frescoes while listening to the incredible stories of the place that will blow your mind. Make sure you be silent at all times as there are giant hornet nests around the rock that you don’t want to wake up.