Nine Arch Bridge in Ella

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Situated in the beautiful hill country village Ella, Nine Arches Bridge is one of the most visited attractions in the area. Known as ‘the bridge in the sky’, Nine arches bridge connects the Ella and Damodara railway stations standing with pride since 1921. With tall nine arches, the bridge links the two mountains of either side making a level ground for the train to travel.
What makes nine arches bridge stands out from other bridges is the unbelievable story behind it. According to the history, the bridge was a project that was started by British Engineers and was stopped due to lack of budget for the steel required for the bridge due to the expenses of the world war II. This was when a local come forward who had no prior experience in construction and help the British government to build the bridge with stone bricks and cement without steel.
Taking you along the railway line studded with wild blossoms, your visit to the Nine arch bridge will be one of the unforgettable trekking experiences you’ve experienced in your life.