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Located in the southern coast, Mirissa is a beach town that charms travellers all around the world with its turquoise waters and silvery white beach. Being one of the most visited beach spots in Sri Lanka, Mirissa has something for everyone whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway or an adventure holiday.
Curl your toes into the sand and sip a king coconut while enjoying the beach life of this part of the world and go for a dip in the ocean admiring the beauty of the glistening waters. Try your favourite water sport if you are feeling adventurous and spice up your holiday in Mirissa.
From surfing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing to jet skiing, Mirissa has it all offering you many opportunities to get your adrenaline rushing.
Mirissa is also known for whale sightings. Blue whales and sperm whales are a common sight if you take a boat ride and sail toward the deep sea. The giants jumping out of the water and swirling around only a few meters away from your boat will take your breath away leaving you in awe. Head to Mirissa from November to April to view whale sightings in abundance.