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Located in the south of Sri Lanka, Galle is a cultural jewel to the island. Being a colonial port city, the city still has a rich colonial touch that makes it stand out from the other beach towns of the island.
In Galle, you will see the colonial character in everything you come across from architecture, cuisine, customs to attractions. Take a walk around the city which is the best way to explore the city and discover cafes, boutiques shops, mansions adorned with colonial architecture.
Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site the city has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate tropical retreat from beaches, resorts, nightlife to restaurants to cafes. The Dutch fort is one of the most popular attractions of the city that you can’t afford to miss if you are to get the full experience of Galle.
The Dutch fort itself which has a wall with a thickness of 1.3m also is a UNESCO world heritage site and has built from 1584 to 1684. Lighthouse, Galle museum, flag rock and Dutch Reformed church are some of the top attractions worth paying a visit to during your stay in Galle.