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Situated in Matale district Dambulla is a rural farming village that has one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sri Lanka – Dambulla cave temple. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, the temple has a history that runs back to the 1st century BC. Situated on a top of a rock, the temple presents you with some of the best landscapes sceneries of the surrounding along your way to the top.
Build adjoining natural rock caves, the temple itself is a remarkable sight. Adorned with colourful wall murals the temple has hundreds of Buddha statues of different sizes. The large sleeping Buddha statue carved from the rock shows the fine craftsmanship of stoneworkers of yesteryears while showcasing the devotion of locals for Buddhism.
Dambulla cave temple is one of the most sacred Buddhists temples in Sri Lanka that thousands of devotees flock around every day. The beautiful scenery along with the serene sacred ambience of the place will welcome you to an oasis of peace during your visit.
Make sure to visit the new golden temple at the bottom of the rock before you leave to get the complete Dambulla temple experience.