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Located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Adam’s peak is a sacred mountain as well as a scenic hiking trail that charms travellers around the world. The 2,243m tall mountain has a long history and great cultural and religious value. Today at the top of the peak is a Buddhist temple.
The trail to the top of the peak is indeed challenging and usually take around 2- 4 hours to climb. You will find concrete stairs in most of the places along the trail making your trekking adventure easy.
Located surrounding mountain ranges and thick greeneries, your trekking adventure to Adam’s peak will present you with mind-blowing sceneries of the surrounding landscapes. Although it’s a hiking trail to travellers, it’s a pilgrim route to locals of all religions as Buddhists believe that the footprint on the top of the mountain belongs to lord buddha while Muslims and Christians believe it’s of Adam while Hindu’s believe it’s of Lord Shiva.
Usually, the locals start their journey at night and reach the top to witness the dawn at the peak which is a million-dollar view and then climb down in the morning. Best time to hike Adam’s peak is from December to April.