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With several beaches known for surf- perfect waves, Sri Lanka is a destination surfer around the world can’t get enough of. Arugam Bay is the number one surfing spot in Sri Lanka that attracts thousands of surfing enthusiasts every year during the season. Apart from Arugam Bay, Weligama, Hikkaduwa, Mirissa and Unawatuna are some of the beaches popular among surfers in Sri Lanka.
Whether you are trying to learn surfing for the first time in your life or an expert in surfing who seeks an unforgettable surfing adventure, Sri Lanka has a beach spot for you. If you are a fresher Weligama, Hikkaduwa and Elephant rock are some of the beaches that are ideal for you. Ride some crazy waves challenging your surfing skills during your holiday in Sri Lanka.

Whitewater Rafting

For those who are looking for an extreme adventure to feed the wild adventurer inside you, white water rafting in Kithulgala will surprise you. At Kithulgala you can enjoy an exhilarating white-water rafting adventure along the Kalani river challenging your comfort zone. Being a beautiful rural village hidden in the far corners of Sabaragamuwa Province, Kithulgala is rich in thick greeneries and biodiversity. The pristine nature of the village combined with the rushing rapids that you get to ride along with will add unforgettable adventurous memories to your Sri Lanka tour.

Fly High Kitesurfing

Feel the thrill of gliding along the waters skimming the surface with occasional lift ups into the air. Whether you want to learn or practice kitesurfing, Sri Lanka will offer you an ample of opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable kite surfing adventure during your holiday in Sri Lanka. Feel the wind in your hair as your kite take you along the waters experiencing the sheer freedom.
Kalpitiya, Bentota, Weligama, Arugam Bay, and Trincomalee are some of the beaches that will offer you the kite surfing adventure of your dream.

Whale Watching

Experience the giants of the ocean- whales at close quarters during your holiday in Sri Lanka with a boat ride into the deep ocean. Known to be one of the best places to witness blue whales and sperm whales in the world due to its location, Sri Lanka will amaze you with close whale encounters.
Mirissa is the number one spot to watch whales in Sri Lanka (November to April) while Trincomalee and Kalpitiya also offer you the sightings of whales along with playful dolphins sightings.

Sky diving

Enjoy an adrenaline rushing heart pounding sky diving experience during your holiday in Sri Lanka and free fall feeling the gushing wind piercing through your cheeks. Fly over treetops to witness the lush greeneries and beautiful mountainous landscape as you dive down experiencing the natural beauty of Sri Lanka from the bird's eye view.,
Koggala, Knuckles and Bentota are some of the most known places on the island that offers you a first-hand sky diving experience. Providing you with high-quality safety equipment and experienced instructors maintaining accepted standards, you will be assured of your safety throughout your adventure.

Wildlife Safari

Blessed with exotic wildlife, Sri Lanka is home to many animals and birds species. What better way there is to discover these amazing creatures than with a wildlife safari! With several national parks scattered around the island, Sri Lanka offers you an ample of opportunities to enjoy a wild safari ride during your holiday in Sri Lanka- no matter which part of the island you are exploring during your tour.
From elephants, leopards, deer, moose, jackal, fishing cat, peacocks, wild boars, wild buffaloes, crocodiles to birds and many more you will find many animals during your safari adventure.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Experience the beauty of Sri Lanka from the sky effortlessly floating across the sky in a hot air balloon. View Sri Lanka from a unique angle many don’t get to see flying in the air over treetops, lush paddy fields, rivers with glistening waters and iconic landmarks. Capture the mind-blowing scenery of a sunrise or a sunset depending on the time you like to arrange your balloon ride and experience an adventure you will cherish forever.
Starting from Kandalama, Galle, Sigiriya, Dambulla and Ahungalla, hot air balloon rides in Sri Lanka usually take around 3-4 hours for the entire experience.

Scuba Diving

For those who are obsessed with the world under the water, Sri Lanka offers a world of opportunities to witness some of amazing marine life with beaches around the island known for their diving potential. Go explore the beautiful corals saturated with breathtaking colour combinations, shapes and textures along with vibrant schools of fishes swimming around.
Hikkaduwa, Trincomalee, Pasikudha, Pigeon island, Weligama, Koggala and Nilaveli are some of the top beach spots divers around the world flock around every year. Make sure you explore places during peak season to get the best out of your diving experience in Sri Lanka.

Hiking & Trekking

For those who love a good hike, Sri Lanka offers you a list of places to go hiking and trekking. Horton plain is one of the top trails that charms travellers around the world with its stunning landscapes and waterfalls.
Adams peak is one of the top favourites of extreme hikers who don’t mind hiking for a total day. Head to knuckles or Pidurangala to enjoy view an incredible scenery at the end of the trail that will take your breath away. If you are looking for something mild you can always go hiking to Ella gap where the trail lies along the railway line.

Sea Plane Tour

Embark on a scenic journey in a seaplane across the island and witness pristine nature and landscapes from the bird’s eye view. Enjoy the landscapes, acres of paddy fields and rivers snaked around mountains and maybe even a magical sunset depending on the time of your flight.
With several seaplane tour services operating in the country that offers flights to many destinations around the island, a seaplane ride is an ideal way to enjoy quick yet a mind-blowing sighting experience during your holiday in Sri Lanka.