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ITour Sri Lanka, is a full-service tour operator in Sri Lanka who owns a reputation for their responsible and transparent service. With the aim to deliver their clients the Sri Lanka holiday experience of their dream, ITour Sri Lanka can arrange everything you need during your holiday for a reasonable price. Offering you pre-made and tailor-made tour packages along with transfer services we ensure you an end to end Sri Lanka tour solution taking the hassle out of the tour planning process.

We are a company who strive to offer our clients the best prices maintaining transparency throughout the service process from your initial inquiry until your departure. With us, you don’t experience hidden costs as our focus is to deliver each and every client an unforgettable holiday experience that they will cherish forever.

Serving a range of clientele from budget travellers to luxury travellers, adventure travellers to peace seekers, we have experience in developing tailoredtours to fit your requirements. We always aim to deliver our clients a personalized solution thus we never mind going the extra mile to meet your expectations. Working with experienced travel consultants in Sri Lanka who have explored every corner of the island by themselves, we know the best places and attractions to fit your requirements, expectations and budget.

From consultation to operations we take great pride in our service being responsible and seamless ensuring you a trustworthy travel solution and simple and easy service.
Why Sri Lanka? Located in the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka is a beautiful island that offers you the tropical beach escape of your dream. From crystal clear beaches, emerald green tea plantations, tropical rain forests, exotic wildlife, rich culture, great heritage to warm hospitality, Sri Lanka has everything you need to enjoy your tropical holiday.

Being surrounded by ocean the island is abundant in beautiful beach spots all around Sri Lanka offering a beach for anyone. Whether you are an adventurer who likes to go wild with water sports or a peace seeker who likes to relax gazing at the beach without getting disturbed by the crowd, Sri Lanka never disappoints you.

Blessed with rich biodiversity, Sri Lanka charms eco-tourists with its lush forests and wildlife. With 22 national parks, Sri Lanka offers you an ample of opportunities to safari in the wilderness to capture untamed wildlife in their own habitats. The ancient cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa and Sigiriya will showcase the grandeur of the history and heritage of ancient Sri Lanka while unfolding the authentic culture at its core.

The hill country of the island offers travellers an oasis of peace and serenity presenting youmind-blowing sceneries at every corner. From rolling hills covered with tea plantations, effortlessly flowing waterfalls, flower gardens to pine forests, hill country will make you feel like you are in a beautiful English country village.Make sure to explore the local villages and witness the simple lifestyle of the locals and savour the best flavours of homemade food to enjoy the full touring experience in Sri Lanka.

Plan your holiday to this beautiful island with us.


To deliver our clients the best Sri Lanka holidaying experiences that surpass their expectations catering to their unique requirements maintaining utmost integrity and transparency throughout the process.


To be a tour operator in Sri Lanka known for transparency who offers top-notch touring experiences for reasonable prices.